JBS Australia

JBS Australia is the largest meat processing company in Australia and a division of JBS, the largest animal protein processing company in the world, working in the areas of food, leather, products for pets, biodiesel, collagen, cans and cleaning products.

jbs australia

Our Facilities

Through a network of ten strategically located processing facilities and five feedlots stretched from Townsville in north Queensland to Devonport in Tasmania, JBS Australia has a daily processing capacity of more than 8,000 cattle and 21,000 small stock.

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Our Products

With a commitment to maintaining the highest levels of food safety, animal welfare, product quality and customer service, JBS Australia has developed an enviable reputation as the leading supplier of Australian beef and lamb products around the world. Today, JBS Australia exports to more than 30 countries while also maintaining significant market share in the domestic beef and lamb market.

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Our People

JBS Australia employs more than 8,000 people across Australia in a wide range of specialist roles to ensure our customers enjoy the highest quality and consistency of product every day of the week.

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Our Values

At JBS Australia we believe in being the best we can be. Each day our team strives to uphold the company values of planning, determination, discipline, availablity, sincerity and simplicity.

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